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    Installation of Endeca Information Discovery in EBS Environment


      Please share some documentation/procedures on installation of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery on Oracle EBS R12.1.3 environment. MOS Note says that QuickInstall.zip which is not avaibale in any of the Software (either in Linux or Windows version)
      As per the MOS note (1497685.1), QuickInstall.zip should have Oracle Database XE Component, Endeca Components. Without this , configuration (connection to EBS) could not be achieved.
      I appreciate if any one has the experience on installation of EID with EBS.

      Thanks and Regards
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          Dan at Branchbird
          Hi Chitti,

          In a previous life (role), I had some experience with this Endeca offering for EBS 12.1.3. My understanding is that currently the offering (EBS Endeca extensions + EID setup on separate server via QuickInstall) is only being deployed to "approved" customers. This is why we may not see the elaborate installation guides one may expect. I assume they're coming.

          That said, you can download the QuickInstaller (for the EID setup) from edelivery.oracle.com. Since Branchbird is an Oracle partner, I was able to download it and see if there are any installation instructions included in the .zip. In its current form, there is a readme.txt which gives a high-level overview of the setup. This may work for you -- after all, the purpose of the QuickInstaller is to 1) install the EID software and 2) configure it specifically for use with EBS. Thus, a lot of the installation is scripted for you.

          I hope that helps. I assume someone from EBS or EID product management can chime in with more relevant details.

          (Note: I also want to call out that the MOS note you reference is for instructions related to applying extensions to EBS 12.1.3, which is required to prepare EBS for the integration, but does not actually install Endeca for use with EBS. The QuickInstaller is meant to do that.)


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            There is actually a different forum, recently created, dedicated to the EBS Endeca Applications: http://myforums.oracle.com/jive3/forum.jspa?forumID=5425
            Please post this question to that forum.

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              Thank you very much for the response.

              We are also Oracle Gold Partner. As per the note QuickInstall.zip is supposed to have shell scripts as well as Database XE component which are very much required to install/integrate EID with EBS.

              I could nt get into other forum as mentioned by Carrie.

              Once I get the access, I will post the same in that.

              Thanks and Regards