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    Change in an LOV query of Sales Order Form not working


      I wish to change the the Order Type (in the Sales Header) displayed in the Sales Order Form when viewed from a particular Responsibility.(11i Instance)
      To be specific only certain order types should be displayed in the LOV when the User tries to create Order from that Responsibility.
      In that process I created an FP with Action --> Builtin -->Create Record Group From Query

      Then in Property-->Object Type-->LOV and Target Object -->ORDER_TYPE Value-->Name of my Query Group

      I downloaded the Sales Order Form and modified the Query of the Group keeping the columns selected and the view used same and added in the Group I created.

      But it didn't work out.

      I tried out by changing my Target Object to SRV_ORDER_TYPE and its corresponding query from the Oracle Form.

      But still it didn't work.

      Please tell me where I'm going wrong.
      Am I not choosing the correct target record group LOV?