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    Read Forecast Queue using Integration Event to Create Appointment in .NET


      I downloaded the WSDL object for Integration Event and placed the same in my .NET code. There are 2 events, get events and delete events. Need to read the events from the Queue and query Forecast and in turn create appointment.

      If I can place the schema of Activity and Opportunity inside the Integration Event wsdl or if I can refer Activity and Opportunity schemas from the Integration Event wsdl then I believe I will be able to fetch and use the fields which are required for creating appointment.

      I created an object to fetch the events and trying to query the event at index 0. SiebelMessage is a complex type element present in the wsdl.
      If we can refer the Activity and Opportunity schemas here by placing the same inside this complex type element, then I think appointment can be created for a Forecast.

      Something like below:

      but I am not getting anything after ListOfEvent[0].SiebelMessage.

      Please suggest.

      Please revert if you have any part of the query is not clear.

      -Best Regards,
      Agraj Nema