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    DM3.3.0.Naming standards templates: Primary Identifier vs Primary Key

      We are using the following naming conventions that were defined in Preferences->Naming standard templates:

      Table Constraints:
      PK: {table abbr}_PK

      Entity Identifier:
      {entity}_PK (we have no way to use entity preferred abbreviation because "Add Variable" just allow us use this field).

      When we use Engineer to Relational, the relational PK is created using by default the entry identifier name instead of table PK constraint name.

      As consequence, if we run Design Rules check raises warnings about relational rule: "Primary *key* with wrong naming standards is not recommended".
      The workaround to solve this is select each table and apply "Naming rules". But if we frequently is made changes in the logical model when update the relational model the synchronization is constantly warn us about this change.

      An alternative workaround to solve the default name is manually change the name of Entity Identifier to meet our {entity_abbr}_PK.
      But this approach has as side effect when we check Design Rules , now fails the logical rule : "Primary *identifier* with wrong naming standards is not recommended".

      So, the only way to suit all tastes is be able to change the template for the Entity Identifier and allow us to reference the entity field "preferred abbreviation".
      Can it be done in some way?

      Thanks so much!