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    Uploading data to the cloud database characterset problem

    Sander Alders
      We have an issue containing data upload though the Oracle cloud database.

      I uploaded our data to the cloud database using the cart function of SQLDeveloper.
      The created (sqlloader) log files show discarded records.
      Not all data is discarded. The data which contains special characters (like 'éä' etc) is scrambled.

      When I open the *.ldr files in the created zip file the data looks fine.

      It seems to be a character set problem.

      My source database settings:
      Oracle database 11G

      I read in the manual that the cloud database is using UTF8. I expect the import process (SQLLoader) should take care of the character conversion.

      When I make an export script with SQLDeveloper from a set of tables the data is imported successfull, but that one has limitations because it can't handle clob and blob datatypes. It also is more work because of disabling/enabling referential contraints and truncating data. So I would like to use the cart option of SQLDeveloper.

      Is there a solution for this issue?