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    Migrate Access 2007 with Attachtment fields to Oracle 11g issue

    David de Vega

      I'm migrating an Access 2007 DB to Oracle
      I'm using SQL Developer 3.2, but I dont know how to export a table wich contains an Attachment field column (wich are images).
      With "Copy to Oracle" it converts it to a CLOB column, but it only store the filename.
      The I tried with the "Microsoft Access 2007 exporter" and migration wizard to try it in Offline mode. The problem is when export the data with MS Access exporter.
      It doesnt export any data. When the exporter finish it prompts me "Error #13: Type Mismatch"

      How can I migrate a table like this? Is there any possible way to export the Attachment field images into a CLOB column?