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Timestamp in Run PL/SQL

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Hello everyone,

Oracle 11gR2
SQL Developer 3.2.09

We have a stored procedure in a package that returns a refcursor. One of the columns (say XYZ) is timestamp with local time zone. When I right click on the package and select Run I get the Run PL/SQL window where I enter the input parameters and run the procedure. The result is displayed in the "Output Variables" tab. When I select the refcursor I can see data from all the columns except for XYZ. It displays oracle.sql.TIMESTAMPLTZ@XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is a hexadecimal number).

If I cast the column XYZ to timestamp with time zone then I get oracle.sql.TIMESTAMPTZ@XXXXXX

If I cast it to just timestamp then I can see the data.

Without the casting the data is available for our other applications. For some reason SQL Developer is not able to display it.

I even added couple of execute immediate statements to set the time zone and timestamp format. Still no use.

Anybody know of a fix for this?

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    This is a bug. It's been reproduced in-house, and fixed for our next release.

    I reproduced it with this test case

    create or replace
    RETURN sys_refcursor
    l_curvar sys_refcursor;
    OPEN l_curvar FOR 'SELECT systimestamp from dual';

    RETURN l_curvar;

    Execute, this is displayed in the output for the ref cursor

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    Thanks Jeff. Its the same for both TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE and TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE return types.

    Looking forward for the fix.

    Balaji Calluru


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