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    DataDirect & SSL

      I have a client that uses DataDirect (6.1, I know it's old but that's what I've got) and I need to connect to an Oracle 11g database that is secured with Advanced Security. I simply need to enable SSL between the DataDirect client and the oracle server, but 6.1 doesn't use oracle net so I have no idea how to do this from the Oracle side. Do I need to change anything?
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          Harm Joris ten Napel-Oracle
          Hi ,

          how do you mean it doesn't use Oracle net? To make a connection to Oracle database the client needs to implement sqlnet in some way,
          if it's not OCI it can be JDBC thin and sqlnet is implemented in java, any 3th party 'connectors' are likely build on top of OCI as well.

          That said you need to check how your DataDirect tool is built (for example oci , jdbc, odp.net, odbc) and what Oracle version required
          support files are being used on the client, then you can check more generic documentation if ssl can be fitted into it.

          Also is SSL really a requirement? Since ASO features also include encryption and checksumming features apart from SSL that are
          more easy to configure and only requires changes on the server side sqlnet.ora file and with a bit of luck, no client changes are even
          required. SSL is only required if you need the added certainty of a trusted server .

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