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    DBMS_CRYPTO support on different versions


      We receive data from different oracle version. My query is can DBMS_CRYPTO function support encrypt/decrypt in differnt versions of oracle. That is, can we encrypt in Oracle 10.2 version, pass the data files, load into another database with Oracle 11g version and then try to decrypt it 11g. Will this work smoothly ?

      provided we use the same algorithm, same password key etc .... I assume DBMS_CRYPTO function is available only from oracle 10.2(10gR2)

      Thanks, BK
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          It should, yes.

          Any time you are encrypting data, you're much better served storing the encrypted data in RAW columns. But that is particularly true when you intend to move the data from one system to another in order to ensure that the data isn't corrupted by character set conversion.

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