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    Problem weblogic.admin connect while idleThreadCount is 0

      Hi all,

      I have problems to access the managed server through weblogic.admin while the idleThreadCount of the "Default Queue" is 0. It works fine when is not 0, but I suppose that when the "Queue Lenth" is larger than 100 and the IdleThreads are 0 I can't connect to the maneged cause it don't accept new requests.

      This commando works fine when the managed is ok:

      java weblogic.Admin -url t3://managed:port -username user-password pass GET -type ExecuteQueueRuntime -property ExecuteThreadCurrentIdleCount

      I was looking for a way to do this through de admin server, but I can't find nothing to get the queue status of other managed, or how to force or stablish priority to the conection so I can perform a DUMP to know where is the problem.

      I'm using Weblogic 8.1SP4 on SunOS 5.8

      Thanks for your attention.