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    Addingt disks to disk group with different partition tables

      Our production environment is currently configured with Oracle db 11gR2 and ASM. It is an Oracle RAC with two database instances. There are three asm disk groups:
      - DGPRCLUBAK1: OCR & Voting disks
      - DGPRFRABAK1: Fast REcovery Area
      - DGPRDATBAK1: Data

      There are actually 9 disks of 90 GB added to DGPRFRABAK1 and other 9 to DGPRDATBAK1. All disks have multipath access and partitions have been created before creating the ASM disks (integrated in a SAN). Their partition table is msdos.

      Now, we nedd to add more disks both to DGPRFRABAK1 and DGPRDATBAK1. Our HW provider has created new LUNs in SAN and make partitions in each LUN, but the partition table of new disks iis GTP, not msdos (that is, when creating the partitions in each LUN, the label is gpt instead oh msdos).

      Could it be any problem when creating new ASM disks (with partition table GPT) and adding then to diskgroups (whith previos diks of partition type msdos)? Should we change the disks labels from gpt to msdos before creating the asm disks?

      None documentation found regarding ASM and disks partition tables gpt &msdos.