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    Using MDS at design time

      I apologize if this has been asked 30 times but I can't find any relevant search hits.

      I am trying to get MDS set up and working properly. I have followed the directions in a number of blogs, notably this one:

      I am able to deploy my artifacts to the SOA server and, having set up an MDS-SOA connection, i can see that they are there.
      I have also set up a file-mds and I can see my artifacts there as well in the Resource Palette.

      What I cannot figure out is how I can reference these WSDLs and XSDs at design time.

      When I use a statement like, "oramds:/apps/chums/wsdl/proctest.wsdl" I get a "Load Failed" when I try to compile.
      When I try to do something similar with the schema import in the wsdl I get the dreaded yellow "can't find" underline.

      I set up the following structure to keep my files:

      Under that I have wsdl and xsd subdirectories.

      My adf-config.xml has this entry:
                <metadata-store-usage id="mstore-usage_2">
                  <metadata-store class-name="oracle.mds.persistence.stores.file.FileMetadataStore">
                    <property value="c:\jdeveloper\integration" name="metadata-path"/>
                    <property value="seed" name="partition-name"/>
      Is there something I am missing somewhere?
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          I made some progress but ran into a new problem.

          I got past the original error by configuring my adf-config.xml as follows;
          <adf-mds-config xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/mds/config">
              <mds-config xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/mds/config">
                    <namespace metadata-store-usage="mstore-usage_1" path="/soa/shared"/>
                    <namespace metadata-store-usage="mstore-usage_1" path="/apps/chums"/>
                    <metadata-store-usage id="mstore-usage_1">
                      <metadata-store class-name="oracle.mds.persistence.stores.file.FileMetadataStore">
                        <property value="${oracle.home}/integration" name="metadata-path"/>
                        <property value="seed" name="partition-name"/>
          I then put my "apps" folder and subs in the existing structure as a peer to "soa"

          After doing that my paths resolve... well, right up until I build it.

          In a wsdl I load for a service I have this:

          Import statement in composite
            <import namespace="http://xmlns.oracle.com/f17cPriorCaseCheck/adapterTest/procTest"
          The path to get the wsdl resolves correctly.

          The schema or the service doesn't resolve correctly though:
          <import namespace="http://xmlns.oracle.com/f17cPriorCaseCheck/adapterTest/procTest"
          The schema location resolves when I am looking as the wsdl (the editor finds it) but when i build the project I get this error:
          Error: Error in getting XML input stream: oramds:/apps/chums/wsdl/xsd/procTest.xsd: oracle.mds.exception.MDSException: MDS-00054: The file to be loaded oramds:/apps/chums/wsdl/xsd/procTest.xsd does not exist.
          The path to the schema has an extra folder(wsdl)! I don't know where it is getting that.

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            Duh.... forgot to copy a file....

            Hope this all helps someone else! lol