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    OBIA 7963 on OBIEE 11.6


      I have installed OBIEE 11.6, and OBIA Installation has been successful.

      Now I'm mapping my repository and catalog in weblogic.

      I copied, catalog from 11g\oraclebi1\biapps\catalog

      and paste in 11g/instance\intance1\bifoundation\oracleBIpresentationservicescompound\coreapplication_obis1\catalog

      and I copied, repository from from 11g\oraclebi1\biapps\repository

      and pasted in 11g/instance\intance1\bifoundation\oracleBiservercompound\coreapplication_obis1\reposipory

      I mapped OracleBIAnalyticsApps rpd for repository, and EnterpriseBusinessAnalytics in catalog in weblogic

      Now I'm trying to restart my services, But all my services are not getting up.

      Please tell me, wat Mistake Im doing here.. Basically Im OBIEE guy. Its my first project in OBIA.
      Also pls give me some useful link to follow steps like this.

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