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    HSP_USERS table

    hyperion start
      I have a question about HOW TO SEE THE CONTENTS OF HSP_USERS table?
      I mean if I want to see it using SQLPLUS what command would I use to see the contents?
      I used
      select table_name from user_tables COMMAND, but it does not show the HSP_USERS.
      Can someone suggest something please?
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          select * from HSP_USERS;

          that should return the details from the table if you are logged in with the schema user, otherwise you might need

          select * from <schema>.hsp_users;

          so if your planning application was in the planbud schema you would use

          select * from planbud.hsp_users;

          It may be more beneficial if you have a look at using a product with a GUI like SQLDeveloper as it will return the information in a nice format.


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            hyperion start
            Thanks John for the answers.