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    Heap size memory decrease even if Xmx ans Xms is set to 512m

      I'm analyzing some slowness problem for a production java application, this application runs over java 1.5.0_12-b04 managed by and opmn process inside an OAS10g, the java heap size parameters are -Xmx512m and -Xms512m

      I was observing heap behavior for some days, i found that even if heap min/max size values match, after some days "like 2 days" heap size start to decrease until approach to the used heap, since 512mb to 100mb!

      I'm not still sure if these behavior is causing the slowness because GC are not always happening more often that before, but it could be...

      As fair as i know when xmx and xms is set to a the same value it should be stay there... did had some one a similiar experience? is thre any explication to this behavior?

      thanks in adavance