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    Consuming https: webservices


      We consumed a WebService successfully and in the routings section we observed that the Primary URL starts with https:// rather than http://. When I try to access the webservice from PeopleCode i am getting the following error

      Integration Gateway - HttpTargetConnector:ExternalApplicationException. Http status code HttpStatusCode returned : 500. (158,10623) SAMPLE_TST_CON_WS.SUBMIT_PB.FieldChange PCPC:4499 Statement:46

      HttpTargetConnector:ExternalApplicationException. External System responded with an Error status. For Http Status Code explanation please check Http protocol Specifications.

      Do we any kind of setup in Peoplesoft to handle this kind of Web Services. Also we need to set implicit SOAP header values. Is there anyway that we can do that using Peoplecode.

      Any help is appreciated.