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    can not submit scripts

      Dear all,

      I have come across a strange problem in OGE6. The grid engine seems to be working fine with qsub $SGE_ROOT/examples/jobs/whatever_job.sh . However, when I try to submit a job with wrapper for qsub (fsl_sub, a software for neuroimaging) I get this error in the log file messages:

      11/26/2012 08:29:23|worker|pepper|W|job 10101.1 failed on host pepper.msrc.local general searching requested shell because: 11/26/2012 08:29:21 [503:9212]: execvp(script_name, "script_name" "-m" "as" "-o" "/working_dir/MRI_NMO/ MRI_NMO_baseline/dti/tracula/dir/dmri.bedpostX/logs" "-e" "/working_dir/MRI_NMO/MRI_NMO_baseline/dti/tracula/dir/dmri.bedpostX/logs" "/opt/fsl/bin/bedpostx_preproc.sh" "/working_dir/MRI_NMO/ MRI_NMO_baseline/dti/tracula/dir/dmri") failed: No such file or directory

      Any input is much appreciated, as I was able to submit the same scripts a while ago with no problems.