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    Generate/Regenerate of Scenarios taking long hours ( 3 -12 hrs )

      Hi Experts,

      My client is facing a strange issue , which i have never seen ,so i am sharing it .If someone else have seen this issue ,especially if Oracle can comment on it , it will be great .

      For some reason out of 100's of scenario there are 4 different scenario (Interface) which takes few hours to generate/regenerate scenario. We have purged all the Operator logs yet no use .
      All the interface does not have any complex logic just one/two source one /two source Filter that's it and the KM used are common and are used in other interfaces too which is not causing any issue ,so the KM can be ignored i believe .
      The KM/interface does not have any Java/Jython code .

      ODI Version 10.1.6
      Java Version 1.6

      The Client has raised a ticked from Oracle too and the solution was not helpful as it mostly talked about purging logs and delete and generate scenario again and something like that. Client tried all that still no use.
      Also one more surprising thing if we duplicate or drop and recreate the interface the issue is still there,  but execution of objects is fine no issues or error .
      Only issue is Generating/Regenerating of Scenario taking hours and that also for a handful of interfaces, the others are perfectly fine .

      Any suggestion will be great ? . It will be great if any one from Oracle can comment on it and confirm if there is any known bug and the solution associated to it or any better solution .

      Please let me know if you need any more information .

      Kshitiz Devendra