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    "Unable to save markup: Cannot create output file" message with ISDK


      We have an integration of AutoVue with OpenText Livelink, and we're seeing that if users open a document, and then work on adding mark-ups for a long time (3 hours) without saving the mark-up when the user saves the markup they get an error message "Unable to save markup: Cannot create output file". If they then press the save button they get the out-of-the-box AutoVue 'Save Markup File As' dialog.

      The ISDK DMS integration servlet and VueServlet servlet are both running under Tomcat with 740 minute session timeout set for the servlet.

      When we look at the logs we're not seeing any attempts to save the mark-up, which is confusing.

      It looks as though the link between the AutoVue applet and the DMS has been lost.

      Is it possible to specify session time-outs in the AutoVue applet?
      Is there a way of checking keep-alives are being sent (if they are ever sent)?

      Help appreciated!