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    reports.sh: No such file or directory

      Dear Experts,

      My report is failing with no such file of directory issue. i am little unsure where to look into. it would be helpful if you advice where to look into.

      Using command line: rwclient.sh server=repjbssisupg ENVID=dflt report=jbsr7200 MODE=BITMAP DESFORMAT=dflt DESTYPE=FILE RECURSIVE_LOAD=NO PARAMFORM=NO BATCH=YES DESNAME=/uc01/callista/sisupg/jbs/output/jbsr7200.lst.2092101 P_COMMENT= P_JOB_NAME=% P_SYS_JOB_TYPE=% P_CLOSED_IND=ALL P_UPDATE_IND=ALL P_RUN_WINDOW=% P_RUN_MODE=% P_LAST_RUN_DATE= P_SORT=Job Name \n
      /uc01/app/oracle/product/middleware/as_1/bin/rwclient.sh: line 6: 27774Instance.directory27774/config/reports/bin/reports.sh: No such file or directory
      Error occurred executing report.>