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    netadm not found

      in my Solaris 11 netadm command dosenot exit. even if i quired for man pages of netadm it shows dose not exit.

      How do i solv this problem
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          it seems to be your using Solaris 11 Express
          in that, netadm and netcfg was not there

          instead you can use

          nwamadm Command to Administer Profiles
          nwamcfg Command to Configure Profiles

          please verify with
          <pre>cat /etc/release</pre>

          if its solaris 11 express release,refer this for more info


          I hope it will help...
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            You can also use the pkg command to search for the location of files, either installed or available in a repository:

            $ pkg search -l netadm

            This will tell you where the file is installed locally. If it returns no results, then you can try "pkg search -r netadm", which will tell you if it is in a repository used by your publisher.

            -- Alan