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    How we can get Aggregate Records

      How we can get aggregate records,

      product : sku1 (color red, size L)
      sku1 (color red,size M)
      sku1 (color black,size M)
      sku1 (color black,size L)
      sku1 (color black,size x)

      like this i have i am displaying in record.records stuff (in product level) so i am getting one prodct with 5 colors means 3 black and 2 red, but i need to display 1 black and 1 red based on color and size
      can you please help me if any any one know.

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          Dan at Branchbird
          Your best bet is to simply request all of the sku level records in addition to your aggregate "representative" record and then using the collection of records determine the distinct list of colors and sizes in your application logic for display.

          You can learn more about querying aggregate records in this manner (e.g. &Np=2) from the "Generating and displaying aggregated records" section of the BasicDevGuide here:


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