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    Problem in Aggragating Entity Dimension

      HI All,

      I am developing a classic planning application,using EPM Workspace of Hyperion
      The structure of My Entity Dimension is as follow:
      --->Gen2 Parent
      ------->Gen3 Child
      ----------->Gen4 Child
      ----------->Gen4 Child
      ----------->Gen4 Child
      ------->Gen3 Child
      ----------->Gen4 Child
      ----------->Gen4 Child
      ----------->Gen4 Child

      Now the application is designed in such a way that data is only entered at level 0, i.e Gen4, except one data form
      Later after this i need to aggregate Gen4 data into Gen3 and then Gen3 data into Gen2. Note i am not able to use dynamic calc at Gen3 and Gen2 because at one of my form user enters data at Gen 3 so i finally decided to aggregate using the Aggregation Template instead of using Dynamic Calc Data Type.

      Now when i run the rule containing Aggregation template, no data is aggregated. Can any body refer me a good reading material regarding Aggregation Templates.
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          Jake Turrell
          I have to say, I'm not a fan of the graphical business rules interface . . . but to each his own.

          When you look at the "Full Sparse Agg" section of the Aggregation Template, did you insert the dimension you want to aggregate? (Should be Entity)

          If you look at the "Script" tab on the aggregation template, does it say something like "CALC DIM ("Entity")"?.

          Did you deploy the business rule before you ran it?

          Hope this helps,
          - Jake