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    How to print XML report in French Language?


      I need to print XML report in French language, currently it display in English language.

      I have used following steps:

      1. I enabled French language on my oracle apps instance.
      2. Created the concurrent program with output type as XML
      3. Created Data Definition using XML Publisher Responsibility
      4. Created template. At the time of creation of templete, enabled Translatable check box and click Apply
      5. Once template is uploaded, you will find two buttons. Export Translation and Upload Translation.
      6. Clickd on Export Translation. XLF file opened.
      7. In XLF file - e. g. source-language="en-US" target-language="fr-FR".Source is English and fr is for French language and FR is territory.
      8. Update the target fields in French language. In the below example source field is in English language and target is in French language. This indicates that wherever the Invoice Date is present in RTF template it will be
      replaced by the target field in french language.
      <source>Invoice Date:</source>
      <target>Date de facture:</target>
      9. Updated the same for all fields and finally import the updated translation file.

      10. But When i run report , output display in English not in French.

      Please any one can help, what should in do next to print in French Language.

      Sunil Mane

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