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    How to invoke the MDX in logic layer in OBIEE?

      Hi Experts,

      In some case, I should write some measures for MDX language , but I do not know how to write them in logic layer in OBIEE
      Note: The muti-datasource is ESSBASE and version is

      My requirement is as below:
      There are many dimensions in ESSBASE. Store is Location member. If one store has sales in one day, I should count it. So I want to count all stores for sales.
      If I write MDX in ESSBASE directly, it will generate sum value in OBIEE for several day, not MAX value.
      For example:
      2012/11/29, it has 1500 stores.
      2012/11/30, it has 1510 stores.
      If users select two day, it will sum these value and be 3010 stores. The expect result is 1510.

      I look at BIEE sample for invoking the 'EVALUATE_AGGR', but I do not know how to write MDX to implement my requirement.Thanks.