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    Newbie question: how to send mails on a Solaris 10 machine?

      Good morning all,
      I am responsible of a lab, containing some Solaris machines.

      On one of those machines, a collegue would like to send mails, using following command:
      echo "something" | mailx -v -s "subject" <collegue>@<domain>.com
      The mentioned e-mail address is configured on an MS Exchange server.
      On first sight this server is not accessible from the lab:
      telnet>ping -a <Exchange_Server>.<domain>.com
      ping: unknown host <Exchange_Server>.<domain>.com
      However when I try this in a DOS prompt, I get the same result:
      DOS prompt>ping -a <Exchange_Server>.<domain>.com
      Ping request could not find host <Exchange_Server>.<domain>.com
      => How can I determine whether the Exchange server is accessible from the lab?

      Even more general: how can I determine whether the machines in the lab are connected to the internet:
      telnet>ping www.hotmail.com
      no answer from www.hotmail.com(
      no answer from www.hotmail.com(
      => if there is no connection to the internet, how can my machine translate URLs into IP addresses?

      Can anybody give me a start?