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    Relationship between Xwindow-tree and Java Swing components Tree

      In purpose to reparent a X-Window application on a Java application on Linux, I need to understand:
      - the exact relationship beween the component tree created by a Java application and the matching X-Window tree.
      - the way the window stack is handled: which window would be on top of antoher.
      I don't find any resource on these question. Anyone know some resources which will explain that?

      As far I'm understand, If i create a main frame with component then two other frame the Swing tree looks like this:

      Am I Right?

      Each Frame is an Heavy-Weight component, so each Frame has a X-Window ID. If I'm right, I'm not sure to know what exactly would the X-Window tree.


      My question is. What happens if I insert an Applet (so an Heavt-Waight component) in the middle of the Swing tree among other component? What the X-window would look like?

      Thansk a lot!

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