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    Migrating object security from dev to prod


      Can anyone confirm how the security is imported for Planning objects using LCM with version please? i believe in previous versions the importsecurity.cmd still had to be used but there is no mention of it in the documentation.

      I am using LCM to migrate an app from dev to prod, all imports well until the artifacts are imported when I get errors:

      Failed to get roles list for users/groups Some of configured user directories not initialized [EmbeddedWlsLdap]. Verify user directory configuration.

      All of my groups exist is HSS and have been provisioned.

      Any suggestions would be helpful.

      many thanks
      Kind Regards
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          Are you sure you have migrated the Shared Services security as well, there are two elements to security for planning, Shared Services provisioning and Planning access permissions, the Shared Services provisioning should be done before the access permissions.
          Migration of both of these can be done using LCM, if you are import access permissions then importsecurity utility is still availabe in <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\user_projects\<instancename>\Planning\planning1

          The error looks like it is trying to assign users to an external directory that does not exist, maybe it is named different or doesn't actually exist in the target environment.


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            Hi John

            Thanks for that, yes I did all of that in the correct order, and the groups do exist and are provisioned in the app, all are native and were LCM'd over too.

            The users in the groups can log on to the app they are provisioned for but see no objects.

            Thanks again