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    Send ebms ack to Oracle b2b

      Hi everyone,

      I send a ebms message from oracle b2b to hermes 2. The agreement has this parameters: id: agr3, service: OracleService, action: Oracletohermesb. However the status of my message is MSG_WAIT_ACK. Hermes 2 tries to send an ack to oracle b2b but it says: unhautherized message, no partneship is found. The parameter of the ack on hermes 2 side are: cpa id: agr3, service:urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-msg:service, action acknoledgement. on Oracle side it's no possible to create two agreement with same id, so I tried to change the value of the agr3 in to the ones used by hermes 2 but it doesn't work.

      Anyone can help me?

      thanks, any idea is welcome.