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    Multiple Summary Pages

      How can I use multiple summary pages in a single OPM project ?
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          Jasmine Lee-Oracle
          You can't use multiple summary screens in a single OPM project. Not with out-of-the-box functionality anyway (I'll leave others to comment on whether/how this might be possible with customisations).

          However, this doesn't mean you can't have different things displaying on the summary screen at different points in the interview. It's quite common to have different goals/headings/labels displaying at the start versus the end of the interview.

          Have a look at this OPM Help article:

          Tutorial: Hiding and displaying summary screen elements

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            Matt Sevin-Oracle
            It would be helpful to understand what you are trying to accomplish with "multiple summary screens". There may be alternative approaches that meet your requirements.
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              My requirement is to provide multiple ways to find a goal.

              1) Search for a goal (text search);
              2) Sorted/grouped listing of goals (say goals starting with A-F in one section; G-M in on section, etc..)

              After the interview is complete; final summary page also need to be displayed differently (based on Roles).
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                Matt Sevin-Oracle
                Not sure I follow you on how multiple summary screens and text search for goals are related. Are you planning on using text search (i.e. <ctrl-F> within the browser) on a single page - in which case all goals must be listed on a single page? or Do you have another means of providing search for goals planned that will return one or more matching goals for the user to select from?

                Showing "different" summary screens at the end can be accomplished by following the link in Jasmine's response. (i.e. for clarity it is still one summary screen, the screen will just appear different based on the conditions that determine what should appear when). In your case, you'll want to make sure "role" is part of the data passed into the interview so you can vary what is displayed based on the values. If the summary screen flexibility isn't sufficient to meet your requirements, you may also want to explore the BI publisher integration which provides a great deal of flexibility in generating a document based on the results of the interview.
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                  My initial plan was to have different summary screens - one with list of goals, and one with sorted and grouped (may be provide search via JS/jquery).
                  Now that I can't use multiple screens, I am not sure.
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                    Matt Sevin-Oracle
                    If possibly using JS/Jquery anyway, I'd suggest you don't need multiple summary screens but instead a a single summary screen from OWD with a single list of goals presented by default. Use JS to add a search function and dynamically modify the HTML to make the sorted/grouped lists appear as you desire (on the same page without any requests to the server). Only upon clicking on a goal would the question pages in pursuit of the selected goal begin.

                    You might get some good ideas on implementation from the searchable combo-boxes in v10.4.1 - summary video available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmmQeFt6qCQ&list=UUtUHPDCD1EFH_ftnhR_i-dQ&index=5&feature=plcp shows the properties that control behavior.

                    You'll probably want to look at the velocity templates in \Release\web-determinations\web-inf\classes\templates\ (after a build). Look at question_screen.vm for an example of how the comboboxes are rendered and for javascript inclusion within a velocity template. Also look at summary_screen.vm as that is what renders the summary screen and will likely be where you will want to add your JS search functionality. (also shows how the list of goals is rendered by default).
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                      Thanks for the help, I will try using JS based search.
                      Will post my results. Thanks again.