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    Upgrading Developer 6i

      Dear ,

      i follow note [ID 125767.1] to upgrade Developer 6i .

      when i apply patch 14009893 i follow read me in the patch as follow :

      * Copy the patch file within your 6i ORACLE_HOME and unzip this file
      within it to create a new subdirectory
      %cd $ORACLE_HOME
      %unzip p14009893_60828_SOLARIS.zip
      %cd 14009893
      % sh patch.sh
      * Please run below script to take backup of the class files.
      %cd $ORACLE_HOME/14009893
      % sh backup.sh
      * Please run below script to copy all files to $ORACLE_HOME with      respective locaiton.
      %cd $ORACLE_HOME/14009893
      % sh copy_files.sh
      * Backup the Forms java subtree and extract the changed files
      % cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java
      % cp -r oracle/ewt oracle/ewt.PREBUG14009893
      % jar -xvf $ORACLE_HOME/14009893/ewt3.jar
      % rmdir META-INF
      Verify that the EWT version has been updated under the
      $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java directory.
      For example:
      % ls -la oracle/ewt | grep 3_4_49

      but my problem 3_4_49 is not created , so is it save to continue my task or ho i can solve it ?

      Regards ,,,