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    Oracle 11g , Administrator OCM certification

    Haider Hussain

      I have completed OCP certification in the developers track by clearing in the following exams : 1Z0-007 , 1Z0-147 and 1Z0-146.

      I wish to become an OCM in DBA track for Oracle 11g.

      Going by the steps mentioned in the Oracle certification website, I saw that the path to become an OCM would be as :

      1> OCA : Clearing 1Z0-007 / 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052 exams.
      2> OCP : Clearing a certified hands on course followed by clearing 1Z0-053 exam and submitting a form as proof of clearing hands on training.
      3> OCM : Clearing 2 of the certified courses , appearing for the OCM exam , submitting a form as proof for clearing the certified courses and submitting the required application kit.

      Since, I have already cleared the exam 1Z0-007 , do I have to clear it again as part of becoming an OCA or will the previous clearing of this exam suffice ?
      also , do I have to clear 1Z0-051 exam.

      Please note , I have cleared 1Z0-007 around February 2010.

      Thanks in advance.