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    PCSF_46008 error

      Hi all,

      We are having 2 windows 2008 servers (ETL servers) machines, one for DEV(108) and the second one for UAT(508).

      Both are having Informatica server, client and DAC server, client.

      In DEV(108) machine, both informatica and DAC are working fine. We scheduled dry run as well.

      But in the UAT machine, We haven't configured informatica server. It might take some more time to configure.

      Mean while we started configuring the DAC, as of now our DAC server is up and running and when we are trying to configure the informatica server details with DEV (108) machine details we are getting PCSF_46008.

      To avoid this error i appended
      <IP address> <fully specified name>
      DEV (108) machine details to hosts file in UAT(508) machine.

      As well i updated the environment variable PATH with <INFA_HOME>\client\bin
      and <INFA_HOME>\server\bin

      but no luck.

      We are getting the same error, when we are trying to configure the domain in Informatica PowercenterDesigner.

      please assist me on this.