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    How to propagate webcenter portal

    Cuong Pham
      I setup two domain for testing propagation with Oracle WebCenter propagation toll. This is the configuration of two domains:

      The first domain:
      - domain name: staging_domain
      - 1 clustered with two managed servers: portal application and portlet will deployed to here
      - other managed servers: wc_utilities, wc_portlet will not be used to deploy

      The second domain:
      -domain name: test_domain
      - no clustered, only one managed server created to deploy portlet and portal application
      - other managed servers are the same as first domain

      Two domains use different database servers.

      I setup ADF Url connection on first domain to connect to AdminServer of second domain, and try to propagate as mentioned here (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/webcenter.1111/e10148/jpsdg_lifecycle.htm#CACFBCAI)

      But when I click propagate button, the error pop-up occurred:
      An error occurred while creating the label and propagating changes to the target server "http://server57:7001"
      Expected RemoteException, RuntimeException, or Error but received: 'java.io.IOException: RJVM has already been shutdown
      What step I had missed ? I think I complete steps on documentation.

      Thank in advance.