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    CQL cache query

      Hello all,
      I have an event and cache that suppose to add this event on each occurrence.
      I have to build CQL query with following logic:
      The same event happened three times during defined period of time (let's say last 7 days) .
      Any help would be appreciated .

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          One way to go is to build a 2 stage flow:

          First a view with a time window. Some thing like:

          select myField as field, count(*) as count .....
          from myChannel [range 7 days slide 1 hour]
          where whatever
          group by userID

          Then a query that uses the view:

          select field, .....
          from myView
          where count = 3

          This will give every hour a list of user ID (events) that in the last 7 days

          Please note that the events will continue to be created every 1 hour until the window will slide to such a place that count < 3.

          If you want to have the event output only 1 time and not every hour you can also put it in a cache (the output of the query) and add it to where clause in the query. Something like

          where count = 3 and filed not in cache.

          Hope this helps
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            Thank you,884793 (Sorry,I don't know your name ),
            I believe that I missed some important information in my post.
            I don't have continuous flow of event .
            Time difference from event to event can be an hour or day.

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              This is why there is a time window of 7 days.

              It "looks" on all the events from the last 168 hours (7 days) and counts for each instance of field how may events
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                Hello 884793 ,
                It seems OK now.

                Thank You!

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