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    Re: ATG Endeca Installation


      I am doing the ATG-Endeca Integration and found this post very useful:
      ATG Endeca Installation
      so I initially resurrected that thread and attempted to hijack it away for my own question.

      Since ttread hijacking is rude forum etiquette, a kind forum moderator has split my post away to let it stand on its own. It will either get responses or not (this isn't Oracle technical support, but a user-to-user forum where no one gets paid to monitor or respond to questions).

      I wanted to discuss my issue related to the ATG-Endeca integration.
      I have successfully configured the ATGen application, which uses the CRS store catalog. I am able to trigger a baseline update using the ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin component and get the results on JSP-ref application. I also can view the samplequeryapplication application result via http://localhost:7003/assembler/guidedsearch url. From the url it is clear that I am using the guided search. So I can say my end to end integration is working.

      Now, I wanted to do this integration for my ATG custom module/ ATG based application...i have use two terms as not sure what generally it called ;) . Can u please help me on the steps to be followed for this....
      If any details required please do let me know I will provide you the necessary details.