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    Back word compatibly in the Cloud

      As you know, Oracle Cloud runs Apex 4.1 .... In my premises I am running Apex 4.2 .... Normally, we cannot import apps exported from apex 4.2 into Apex 4.1....
      I am planing to move to Oracle Cloud... Can I import Apex app, which were exported from apex 4.2, into Oracle Cloud ??

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          Arie Geller
          Hello Fateh,

          APEX 4.1 is still APEX 4.1, even if it runs on the cloud. The cloud version was security enhanced is some areas, but the basic functionalities remain the same.

          As far as my logic goes, it means that you can’t import APEX 4.2 exported applications into the APEX cloud instance. All the logical reasons that prevent such an action in the “regular” APEX versions still apply to the cloud version.


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            Hi Fateh -

            Thanks for your interest in the Database Cloud. At this exact time, the Database Cloud is running APEX 4.1+, so you cannot export APEX 4.2 apps and import them to a Database Cloud Service.

            Please be aware that this is a temporary situation, based on the production schedule of the Database Cloud and that of APEX 4.2. We plan to bring APEX 4.2 to the Database Cloud in the very near future, although the integrated nature of the Oracle Cloud stack may delay this a bit.

            In addition, it is our intention to keep versions of APEX in the Database Cloud in step with the most current released version of APEX moving forward.

            Hope this helps, and thanks again.

            - Rick Greenwald
            Director, Product Management, Database Cloud