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    Calc Manager Syntax for If HS.Value.ISTransCur = True Then

      I am "migrating" a set of rules from a classic version (11.???) to 11.1.2(EPMA version).
      The calculation rules are quite simple so I recreated 5 of them in calc manager using formula components and a few substitution variables.

      The translation rules are more complex about two pages worth of rules and so I cut and pasted the clasic scripts into the translation area of calc manager.

      I have one formula which sometimes validates but it will not deploy

      If HS.Value.ISTransCur = True Then

      From the documentation I have I understand the proper syntax in EPMA is

      If HS.Value.ISTransCur() = True Then

      This will not deploy but comes back with a Syntax error

      Can someone confirm the proper syntax for the ISTRANSCUR function

      Thank you in advance for your help
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          When you are using any HS method in Calc Manager, you need to use @ instead of HS and then deploy. So, in Calc Manager instead of using HS.Value.IsTransCur,you should use @Value.IsTransCur and try deploying it.

          Try this and let me know.

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            Yes we tried using the@ instead of HS still won't deploy. We ended up using the migration utility which creates graphical components for everything. We did not want to load directly into our app so we went to a test app first. However when we copied over the test app everthing copied over from the test app referenced back to the test app so we had to extract the XML file and change the references.

            When we use the script option on the graphical components it comes back with the old script.

            It is a tricky process moving from an older classic version of HFM to the newer EPMA version.

            In summary

            So far it seems the migration utility moving the classic script into graphical components directly into an app works best. You don't seem to be apbe to create some graphical components
            i.e a shell of if than's and then import script underneath especially if the script contains list functions and fixed loops; it won't work
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              Finally got the answer -engaged Ranzal for a code review.
              The previous consultant had used the ISTransCur function in the sub translate section. This was not correct as the ISTransCur function is only supposed to be used in the subcalculate section. It was an anomally that our previous application worked.
              Apparently all I need to do is migrate the sub translate rules without the IsTransCur function as a condition through the migration utility and they will work. Will test. Hope this helps someone else.