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    Dynamic/Dependent Prompt Value in Query Manager

      I've 3 Prompts in one Query in Query Manager.
      1.Business unit

      Now when i go for department why i can not get department according to the value selected in Business unit prompt?
      I created a view having field business_unit but still department prompt can not filter it.It shows complete list of department. Then i also created view adding where clause like business_unit=':1' then it shows no value.

      How do i filter department value based on prompt :1 i.e. Business_unit? Any idea?

      SELECT DISTINCT  a.deptid deptid
       ,b.business_unit business_unit 
       ,c.descr descr 
        FROM ps_job a 
        ,ps_BUSUNIT_HR_VW b 
        ,ps_dept_tbl c 
       WHERE a.business_unit=b.business_unit 
         AND a.deptid=c.deptid
         AND A.BUSINESS_UNIT=':1'

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