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    UIM Installation in MS (VM 2) fails as it searches for files in AS (VM 1)

      Dear Gurus,


      For UIM installation, 2 Virtual Machines (VM 1 & VM 2) with no shared disk given.
      VM 1 hosts Admin Server (AS) & Manage Server (MS).
      After creation of domain, the directory structure is copied from VM 1 to VM 2.
      Ran the UIM Installer on VM 2 with intentions to install UIM on MS running on VM 1.


      When UIM installer tries to deploy the application on MS (target server) it fails because it cannot find those files i.e. OracleCommunications and UIM folder in VM 1 which were created in VM 2 in the process of installing UIM. It still baffles me why it is not searching for the files which were created in the current VM (VM 2) but instead looking at VM 1 which were non-existent. With the same architecture, installation of OSM works perfectly with no similar issue. Basic intention behind this architecture is to segregate the Admin tasks related to Server & UIM app.

      Do advise


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