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    RUEI - Ruling for User Identification

      Hello all,

      I am trying to define the ruling for User Identification for my RUEI application but to no avail.

      I followed the following format in the documentation:


      Search expression: %~%~%~%~%~%User ID: %5

      User ID: john.doe@myshop.com

      And the error message that I received when I try to "Check rule" or save was "Search expression did not match the input value."

      I tried a couple other combination but it still did not work. What did I miss out?


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          Dear Nathan,

          your search expression does not match the example value, that is the reason why RUEI objects to it.
          Input value: ORA_UCM_INFO=5~DVJ88287~John~Doe~john.doe@myshop.com~USA~en~33~44~5~~1;
          Search expression: %~%~%~%~%~%
          User ID: %5
          Result: john.doe@myshop.com
          The Search expression looks for a literal ~ and matches everything between those.
          The first % wildcard (%1) is filled with ORA_UCM_INFO=5
          The second % wildcard (%2) is filled with DVJ88287
          The third % wildcard (%3) is filled with John
          The fourth % wildcard (%4) is filled with Doe
          The fifth % wildcard (%5) is filled with john.doe@myshop.com
          The sixth % wildcard (%6) is filled with USA~en~33~44~5~~1;

          Remember that you can only use and fill up to nine (%9) wildcards placeholders.
          Note that you can open the details of the rule check dialog (see Figure 8-14 below) in order to see the resulting wildcards being filled.
          Note that it might be easier to start with only one or two wildcards and expand from there.

          Please let others know, if you have a working solution to this example, as you may easily spot some typos in those rules.

          Kind regards,

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            Dear Stefan,

            Thanks for that tip. With my colleague's help, I got the solution. Let me share the working solution to this.

            For example:

            Test input value:

            Search Expression:

            User ID: %5

            %5 will return johndoe@hotmail.com
            %4 will return Justin

            I have marked this question as answered!

            Thanks again, Stefan.


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              Dear Nathan,

              Yes there are some special characters which may need escaping.
              Indeed the tilde character (~) is regarded as a literal space by the matching rules internally, therefor it has to be escaped as you did with backslash tilde (\~).
              Well done! Thanks again for providing a working solution to this example. We should ask the documentation to be updated to correct the example.

              Kind regards,