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    need help to do two-column transfer

      need help to do two-column transfer like [url http://i.stack.imgur.com/ENpEW.png]this image

      I'm currently using this code on [ -> ] button:
           total_list_count          NUMBER(2);
           loop_index_var          NUMBER(2) := 1;
           list_element          VARCHAR2(50);
           list_element_to_add     VARCHAR2(50):=:Column1; --#Column One
           element_match          VARCHAR2(5) := 'TRUE';
           list_id                    VARCHAR2(5) := 'Column2';--#Column Two
           ** Determine the total number of list elements.
           total_list_count := Get_List_Element_Count(list_id);
           ** Compare the current list item elements with the element that
           ** will be added.
                list_element := Get_List_Element_Value(list_id,loop_index_var);
                IF list_element_to_add = list_element THEN
                     element_match := 'FALSE';
                END IF;
                EXIT WHEN list_element = list_element_to_add OR     loop_index_var = total_list_count;
                loop_index_var := loop_index_var + 1;
                END LOOP;
           ** Add the element and value if it is not in the current list
           IF element_match = 'TRUE' THEN
                Add_List_Element(list_id, loop_index_var, list_element_to_add,list_element_to_add);
                --# DELETE ELEMENT FROM Column1
           END IF;
      I'm facing problem in DELETE ELEMENT FROM Column1 (How to delete the currently selected element from the list?)