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    Replication Large transaction and batch processing using Oracle Stream

      I have replicated 46 e-Business R12 schema to create Target DB from Source Db, then configured Downstream process in Target DB to replicate 46 schemas.

      The problem I am facing that Apply Process is running to slow and getting stuck, I set parallelism parameter to 10.

      At source side everyafter 20 mins large transactions (around 2 millions LCR ) and batch processing is executing with out any intermitent commit,

      So Apply is getting stuck and capture process is PAUSE FOR FLOW CONTROL.

      Can you plese suggest,

      1. How to boost Apply process so that any change will replicate to target within 5 min?

      2. Does Stream capable enough to handle this large transaction and batch processing? If Stream cant handle it then what is the work around?

      I will appreciate your early response.