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      • 15. Re: migartion of RAC
        Levi Pereira
        GregG wrote:
        Thank You, thats clear :) .
        If I understood You correctly normaly, changing compatibility asm parameter to higher value is safe (no data loss), so backup is for safety reasons, right ?
        I'm prepering my 10.2 -> 11.2 RAC upgrade and as a step I'll mount 10.2 ASM diskgroup in ASM 11.2 instance :) .
        Yes..backup is necessary to prevent data loss. To change compatibilty parameter the all files on that diskgroup must be closed (i.e database down), but diskgroup must be mounted, so downtime is necessary.

        Levi Pereira
        • 16. Re: migartion of RAC
          Hi ,

          Thanks for sharing information here. Now our plan changed we are planning 11g r2 cluster and 11g R2 db. We are planning fresh installations of RAC 11g r2 and DB 11g r2 on AIX 6.1 and then we shift existing Proudction db (10g r2) and then upgrade it to 11g r2.

          1) Your feedback is required

          2) Is there any RAC 11g2 cookbook on aix 6.1

          3) If there is any step by step RAC 11g r2 on aix 6.1 please share.

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