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    Running PioneerCyclingJsp on ATG 10.1

      Hi Guys,
      Can you tell me how to run PioneerCyclingJsp on ATG 10.1 .
      I copied PioneerCyclingJsp from Atg 9.1 to Atg 10.1 . I need to know how can I run PioneerCyclingJsp on ATG 10.1.
      I made a server PioneerCyclingJsp in jboss5.1/jboss/server/PioneerCyclingJsp .
      I copied the folders from default and paste in jboss5.1/jboss/server/PioneerCyclingJsp .
      I copied PioneerCyclingJsp .ear file from the PioneerCyclingJsp folder to deploy.
      When i run run.bat -c PioneerCyclingJsp it gives me errors. Any Idea How can I run It??

      Thanks In Advance
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          Gautam Singh
          In 10.1 CRS (Commerce Reference Store) is the reference implementation so its better to refer CRS
          If you still want to use PoineerCycling do following
          1. Copy PioneerCycling module in 10.1
          2. From 9.1 installation Export ProfileAdapterRepository and ProductCatalog repository data using startSQLRepository utility (See reporitoy guide for instruction on how to use startSQLRepository)
          3. In 10.1 Import ProfileAdapterRepository and ProductCatalog repository data from exported files in step 2 using startSQLRepository
          4. Build EAR using runAssembler utility
          5. Copy the EAR in JBoss deploy directory
          6. Start Jboss
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            Nitin Khare
            Apart from doing the steps Gautam has already mentioned, also ensure that you have correct datasource xml in your jboss server's deploy directory and your ATG datasource configuration is also proper.
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              What are the errors you encountered when you tried to run PioneerCycling on ATG 10.1? My guess is that they were related to the fact that ATG removed support for the "standard catalog" feature in 10.0. Only "custom catalogs" are supported. PioneerCycling was never updated to use custom catalogs. If you want to continue to use PioneerCycling with ATG 10+, take a look at "Converting from Standard to Custom Catalogs" in a 9.x version of the ATG Commerce Programming Guide. There's an extra DCS submodule that will make the necessary repository changes for you. There may be a few application changes necessary in the PioneerCycling application related to catalog navigation, most likely in some jsp code and/or targeters.
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                hi nitin

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