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    ExceltoCI to insert a new effdt row in JOB_DATA component

      Hi All,

      We are trying to use ExceltoCI to insert a new effdt row in JOB_DATA component. But it is not working when the BU is changing. I believe it is caused by we need to assign BU prior to other SETID enabled field like Department, locations, jobcodes, etc. But unfortunately, in the JOB record/table the Business Unit is after DEPTID, LOCATION, JOBCODE field which causes the assignment of BU value is happened after assignment of DEPTID and LOCATION ect. So I am getting invalid departments, locations, jobcodes error. Since I am not aware of a way to change the load sequence by using ExceltoCI.

      Any idea about how I can accomplish this for using ExceltoCIs or it is impossible? Thank you very much in advance.
      P.S. I know it is quite simple to use AE+CI to do this.