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    Yellow RAG Status in Custom Mileston

      Please go to Project and create a new "project schedule activity".
      I need to know what the yellow RAG Status is used for in Custom Mileston section in the End Column.
      In the first column I entered an activity (belonging to its related project template but not created yet in the Project). In planned start and in planned end column I entered two different dates. At that moment, in Planned end Rag Status columnn gets displayed a Yellow box.
      After creating the activity in the Project, this yellow box disappears.
      I would like to know how the system works in this case.
      If you need further explanation please let me know.
      thanks and regards.
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          It probably should be named RG status because I do not believe Yellow is presented. The user guide identifies the logic as follows:

          RAG Status
          – Red—If current or actual date is greater than the planned date for a given beginning or end date
          – Green—If current date or actual date is less than or equal to the planned date

          I did a quick test and I did not see a scenario where a yellow warning is presented.