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    JDeveloper VCS Api


      I have an problem with the example extension for the version control api.
      I have downloaded the latest esdk bundle (11gR2) but there isn't the example extension.
      So I've downloaded the sample for JDev 11g R1, but I can't compile it because it doesn't find the dependencies which doesn't exists in the Java API Doc too.

      So where can I find an actual example for 11gR2?

      Thanks for your help!


      Jens Risse
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          Timo Hahn
          Check this web page
          There are smiles for 11g r 2 available together with the SDK.

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            Thank you for your answer.
            The VersionControlRCS Sample ist only avaible for the r1...
            This sample cant work unter 11g r2 because it use classes which aren't available for r2 e.g. (oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi.VCSPropertyTraversable) and in the new versions for r2 there isn't this sample project...