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    Disclosed showDetailItem and form submit


      I would like to have your advices for my use case :

      I have a form, divided in 2 showDetailItem and a commit button. User can disclose the showDetailItem as he wants.
      The problem is if user informs some inputs in both showDetailItems, hides one of the two showDetailItem, then click on commit button, only inputs of the disclosed showDetailItem will be submited. (It is understandable, because looking at generated html code, I see that when a showDetailItem is hidden, the input tags inside him are not generated).

      The way I see to solve this situation, is to put autoSubmit=true in all inputs, so the model is updated each time one input is informed. So nevermind if showDetailItems are hidden or not, because inputs have been submitted yet.
      But is it suitable to put all inputs of my application in autoSubmit=true? It could cause some performance issues (request on each inputBlur)? Maybe there is another solution, with subform or something else?