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    APEX Data Loader

      Hi all,

      we are using APEX 4.2 and want to use the standard apex data loader (process train) !!!

      But does anyone know, if there ...

      a) is there any programmatic way to define defaults to the column headings, say column1 should always be mapped to field_1, without
      using this annoying mapping page ?

      b) can rows simple be skipped, programmatically

      Thanks in Advance
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          Hi hg,

          You can use a free tool from Informatica - https://app.informaticaondemand.com/saas/registerUser.do?edition=dls&offerCode=DLS-Website

          You can do mass imports, exports, upserts, deletes, and can easily map fields.

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            Roel Hartman
            1. You can change the texts of the LOV items in the DataLoader. When that corresponds with to a name in the uploaded data, it's defaulted to that value.
            2. Not really... However you can define a Transformation that creates an invalid row (like empty'ing NOT NULL columns). So uploading that row will fail. And that is visible to the end user..